DNG Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

When you need to heat or cool numerous rooms or a large home, ducted air conditioning systems are the best option. The outlets located in the ceiling are the only interior elements that are visible. These systems are covert and the ideal complement to the interior design and style of any house. Our skilled and trained specialists will create a layout that is ideal for your house. You can maintain the ideal temperature in your house all year long for you and your family.

Split Air Conditioning System

Split systems are made to supply heating or cooling to a single room, like a living room or a single bedroom. These systems are fantastic, and offer cost-effective heating and cooling options for individuals on a limited budget. Split systems can be set up just about everywhere. Our split systems are the quietest and most energy-efficient split systems on the market.

Regular Support and Maintenance

Your air conditioning system will run more cost-effectively and last longer if it receives routine maintenance. Routine maintenance will also help keep you cool while saving you money. Along with providing installation services for both split and ducted air conditioning, DNG Air Conditioning and Refrigeration also offers expert maintenance and repair services. Our technicians and certified electricians can perfectly handle any task, no matter how big or small. We use Service Mate to schedule maintenance reminders for when your next service is due, so you don’t have to worry about missing any appointments or setting constant reminders.

Commercial & Industrial Conditioning and Refrigeration Services

DNG Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is offering commercial and business air conditioning solutions throughout the South West – we are specifically servicing Bunbury and surrounding areas. You can benefit from an installation, service, or repair to maintain your ducted or split system air conditioner so you can work comfortably with the help of our qualified team of air conditioning professionals. A cozy, climate-controlled environment will make it possible for you to maintain the comfort and happiness of both you and your workers, and maximizing efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Electrical contractors in South West

Our team offers a variety of electrical services for both residential and commercial clients as certified electricians. To make sure your house or place of business is safe, you are welcome to request our electrical compliance inspection. Our staff also handles electrical repairs, and you can hire us to install furniture, lighting, and ceiling fans.